The Answer is Yes!

tigerI still remember feeling jealous of the fuzzy tiger that my brother proudly displayed on his dresser. Once a year on our family trip to New Smyrna Beach, we went to an arcade where we earned the pale red paper tickets that possessed the power to purchase treasures hanging from a pegboard in the back. A huge glass case seemed to tower over our child-sized statures. With noses pressed to the glass, our breath fogged the pane as we fondled the tickets in our sweaty palms. Read more

Dad…The King of the Thermostat

Guest Blogger: Gabrielle Pepin

“Scarlet, are you really that cold?” I would hear my Minnesota-born-and-raised father dressed in a shirt and shorts ask his Floridian bride. Growing up, there would be several occasions where I would find my mother curled up on the couch by the fire, wearing two layers of fuzzy socks, thick sweat pants that would drag as she walked, a sweatshirt, and to top it all off, she would be decked out in a full winter coat.  Read more

I’d Like For You To Meet My Little Orange Tree

TreeThis past summer my hubby planted a new tree in our backyard. As the days passed by, it dutifully minded its own business and blended in with the other greens so well that I didn’t even notice it much. But this month it made its debut. Seemingly overnight I had a gorgeous, bright orange beauty screaming at my peripheral vision: “Look at me! Look at me!” Read more

He-He-He, not Me-Me-Me

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 7.54.12 PMOffer me a personality test online, and I am the first to jump on it. Delving into why I do what I do is fascinating. Selfies? Sign me up. Me-me-me-me-me isn’t just a vocal exercise for the opera singer. No, it can easily become my theme song. Read more

Are These Thoughts Really My Own?

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 9.31.14 PMIn the short time it took me to turn off my alarm clock and stumble to my coffee pot, I had questioned what was I really accomplishing in my life, whether today would be useless or not, and if my dreams would ever come true. Read more

Shout Out To Ananias!

Man Eye Covered Blind Forbidden Lost ConceptShout out to Ananias. Ana who? Ananias’s story can be found in the first half of chapter nine in the book of Acts. The chapter starts out telling us about Saul’s (later to be renamed Paul) hatred of Christians. Saul was a highly educated Pharisee. He had been schooled in every detail of the Jewish law and felt that the Jesus’s believers needed to be violently stopped from spreading their news of a risen Savior. Read more

But God, I Don’t Have What It Takes

surprised womanIs God asking you to do something or calling you to step into a position that you and those around you know that you can’t do? At first we are surprised and taken off guard. “He’s picking me?” we question. Like a kid at recess being chosen for the kickball team, upon hearing your name you glance to the left and to the right. You know the odds are against you even making contact with the ball much less running to first. Read more

My Knees are Hitting

Reese Blog“Mimi, you got anything in the garage that we can ride on?”

“Like toys? No, not really. Well, the double stroller I used to take you on walks with. Remember we used to go around the block in it?” Read more

One, Two, Three, SLIDE!

paid gameOne, two, three . . . SLIDE! Ever play that board game where your game piece is advanced more quickly because you hit a space on the board that propels you forward? Oh sure, the black dots on the dice you rolled declare the number four, but when you move your piece and count out the next four spaces, that fourth space has a special symbol that denotes the slide rule Read more

The Power of Preparation

paid meal prepThere is something about the emotion I feel when I attend a “froufrou” event. Froufrou is an adjective describing something “very heavily decorated and fancy.” I’m sure you’ve attended a women’s event or bridal shower of this sort. You know, the kind where every “t” has been crossed and every “i” dotted. From gorgeous stemware to layers of linens on the tables down to the background music and the elaborately prepared meal, no sense has been overlooked. Immense preparation and forethought goes into the planning of such an extravaganza. Read more