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A Belly Full of Wedding Cake

alyssa 2My belly is full of wedding cake because for the last six meals, I have eaten more cake than I did all of last year. You see less than forty-eight hours ago, my oldest daughter got married. We spent many months planning . . . checking and rechecking our to-do list. As she began her walk down the aisle, the wedding guests viewed her freshly pressed gown, detailed manicure, and professionally done makeup. When she stepped on the carpet escorted by her tearful daddy, she for the first time was viewed as a bride.

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It seemed like a quick moment in time, but the preparation for this day started many years ago. The audience saw a twenty-four-year-old woman, but I saw a little girl who had turned into that woman. I knew the behind-the-scene moments, the growing up years, the months of wedding planning. The previous hours of time spent at the wedding venue zipping her dress and tying her sash were still fresh on my mind. As those guests drove to the wedding, a place was being set for them at the wedding reception, a cake was being baked days before, and flowers were being tied with ribbon for the bridesmaids to hold. This now-woman bride had been dreaming of this moment since she was a little girl. She had been wrapping white towels around her head as pretend veils for years and discussing wedding details with fellow giggly slumber party friends since middle school. Hours upon hours of planning and dreaming had taken place before she appeared in that one set moment.

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As I look back on that special bridal walk, it is one I will always treasure, and yet the moments preparing for that moment hold even greater joy and laughter for me. I hold close to my heart moments in the hidden place when our hair was curled side by side, moments where just the two of us stayed up late working on the final seating chart for the reception, and moments enjoying our wedding day coffee  before sunrise because we were both too excited to sleep.

alyssa 3We often go through life looking forward to and dreaming about those BIG moments, those times when all eyes are on us. Maybe it’s a dream of that huge job promotion, that moment when we purchase the next house, or a long-awaited graduation day . . . a moment we are reaching for and preparing for and believing God will give us. But I would like to encourage us to remember how simply amazing the planning days are too. God is preparing us behind the scenes when no one is looking. He is finishing our final details and setting everything up before we make our debut. He wants us to enjoy His company . . . His presence . . . as He enjoys our company. We get frustrated . . . When God? When? . . . but if we slow down and savor our behind-the-scene times, we may end up realizing that those days are really the most beautiful ones. You and your Savior preparing for what you see as the “BIG DAY” and relishing every moment of it.

“The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me.” —Psalms 138:8

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  1. This one got me! What a beautiful and perfect parallel to what is happening with the Lord. He is preparing for us an incredible wedding. And it will be. AMAZING! But you’re so right! All the moments before the big event, that no one sees, are such sweet cherished gifts, and they are to be treasured and savored each step along the way. He’s always been about process and He is right there to sit or walk or dance or even weep through any and every single moment. I love this parallel; it is so encouraging. And I loved this wedding! What a beautiful and inspiring encouragement!

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