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Big Dreams

Little child playing with mommy red shoesI remember seeing a poster of a five-year-old girl standing in front of a mirror wearing an adult-sized wedding gown. The dress, of course, was huge on her, and yards of white satin pooled all around her small stature. Her arms were held out straight as the fabric draped off, covering her wrists and hands. The caption on the poster said: God gives us big dreams so that we can grow into them.

Can you relate? What is a dream or promise that God has placed in your heart? Is there a big desire that you are hoping and believing for? Maybe it is so outlandish that you would be reluctant to reveal it for fear of judgment. Maybe even your own doubt would want to snatch the words back right after you spoke them in order keep the dream a secret just between you and God.

I get it . . . we aren’t supposed to cast our pearls before swine, but I do know that when these quiet, secret dreams are shared with a trusted confidant, that friend can encourage us and believe in us even when we don’t have the strength to believe in ourselves. It helps to have a friend who can remind you of who God says you are and where He says you are headed, especially on those days when doubt tries to steal your confidence and steer you away from what God has promised you.

Does the dream seem too big? Is it one of those things that you could never do unless God does it? We see this pattern time and time again in the Bible: God promising big things way before they come to pass. For example, Joseph was given dreams that one day his brothers would bow down to him (Genesis 37:5-7). Tons of training and decades would pass before Joseph was ready to handle the position of authority in Egypt. Another example is when Abraham was told by God that he would be the father of a great nation, when in his natural state he was too old to have a child (Genesis 15). For many years Abraham waited and, just like God had promised, was given a son.

As a baby, Jesus was announced as the Messiah, the One who would die for all mankind’s sins. Before He could even walk, God’s big dream for His life was being declared. John the Baptist was identified as a forerunner for the Savior while still in utero and even before his conception (Matthew 3:1-3). Calling big things out before they happen is often how God operates. It’s like looking at a tiny butterfly egg and saying, Yes this little, round egg will one day fly. It will have beautiful, intricately detailed colors and wings. Looking at that tiny egg, it seems impossible. The same is true in our lives. He sees the complete picture: your stages of growth, training, and preparation.

What has God promised you? What are you believing for? Does He call you a new business owner? Published author? Maybe a mother or wife? Could it be homeowner? Addiction-free? Songwriter? Administrator or leader? You are who God says you are, even when you don’t yet see it fully. And His plans are good for you.

Let’s cheer each other on today, knowing that God has great things ahead for us. Let’s embrace our training and rest in the fact that He can be trusted. He is the author of the dream and the completer of it too.

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