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“But Dad . . . I Want HER Gift!”

presentsAt a women’s retreat years ago, six women were asked ahead of time to prepare a 5- to 10-minute talk on the “season” of life they were currently experiencing. From a single woman to a new wife to a preschool mom to a working mom to a mom of teenagers (me) to an empty nester . . . we covered a wide range of seasons.

The mom that spoke before me had really prepared. She had visual aids, note cards, and quotes that she had downloaded from the internet. As I listened to her presentation, the enemy tried to bring fear upon me. He whispered in my ear, “See, you’re never prepared. You’re so lazy. You’re going to get up there and go blank.”

When I stepped to the front, the first thing I said into the microphone was, “I don’t have any visual aids. I thought that I’d just talk.” As I spoke, people laughed and seemed to enjoy my part. As the speaker after me came up to share, she declared, “I’m not funny.”

I found it interesting how each and every speaker first explained what they were not. How they weren’t as good as the previous speaker. But the TRUTH is that we were a wonderful combination because we were all different and uniquely being ourselves.

God has given us ALL such wonderful and different giftings—nothing that we have earned or purchased for ourselves.

This comparing that we do is like being with our siblings under the Christmas tree. We each have a huge amount of gifts with our name on them, but we are distracted by looking over our sisters’ gift piles and comparing their gifts with what we received. We are missing out on the full enjoyment of our God-given gifts. We are being ungrateful.

I want to quit looking at what others have—things that I don’t have—and enjoy the giftings God has given to me individually so that I may appreciate and enjoy them.

As I get older, I am finally realizing that I can’t muster up enough energy or effort to produce a gift I wish I’d been given, so I will rejoice in the ones that I have. My heavenly Father is extravagant and has been generous to us ALL!

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