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Can We Fast-Forward this Part?

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 9.41.56 PMAs a writer, one of my favorite pastimes is watching a great drama. Storylines and character development not only entertain but fascinate me at the same time. You can find my husband refilling his soul on a motorcycle or a morning duck hunt, but my sport is movie watching. Give me a remote control and a two-hour drama, and I’m one happy couch potato.

Several years ago I found myself smack dab in the middle of a weekly drama series. It was before there were subscriptions that give one access to everything ever created on TV. It was back in the day where we had to wait all week long to find out what would happen next with our very closest friends—I mean characters. Because I stumbled across this particular show on its fifth year, I splurged and ran out and bought the previous seasons on DVD. (For my younger readers, ask your history teacher what a DVD is).

With great anticipation, I shoved the first disk into the machine, watched it, and then followed with the second and third disks. (Don’t judge me and don’t tell my husband who was at work). As the drama unfolded, I was not the audience member that the writers had hoped that I would be. When the intense music blared and a tragic accident put the main character in the hospital, I did not worry or cry with the characters. I felt absolutely no angst over how the budding romance would play out when the heroine was left heartbroken in the second episode. When fear was the emotion being communicated through the screen over a financial crisis, I couldn’t ride the waves that the creative minds behind the story had constructed for their beloved followers.

You see, I knew that the main character would recover, the heartbroken girl would be happily married, and the financial crisis would be overtaken by an abundant inheritance that was secretly headed their way. All the drama was wasted on me. Why? Because I already knew how the story would turn out.

What are you dealing with today? Going through some drama now? Do your thoughts tell you that it is bigger than you can handle? I don’t know about you, but sometimes my mind and emotions want to get away from me. They want to cue the dramatic music. All the characters in my life story surround me with lines of fear: “What are we going to do?” “How is this ever going to work out?” “This is the worst thing that could ever happen.”

I am not diminishing human heartache. We are human and our souls can get hurt, but what I am encouraging us to do is pull back and look at the scene of the script that we are in. God is not surprised. He is already waiting in our future for us and at the same time walking with us now. He can see three seasons ahead and is not overwhelmed by the situation. He is unchanging, faithful, and steadfast.

If you were to rewind to past episodes in your life, can’t you just see how He came through time after time? How just when your story took an unexpected turn, He turned it out for your good? Maybe you are in the middle of one of those plot twists now and have lost your energy to fight and believe. Let me tell you that I am believing God for you. May we hold on to His hand. When everything in us wants to hit the fast-forward button, let’s remember His word, stand firm, and not give in to the drama around us. He is the author and the finisher of our faith.

4 thoughts on “Can We Fast-Forward this Part?”

  1. I am right in the middle if this right now. I want to fast forward to 9/14! That is the day I move back to Oklahoma. Things are not good here in North Carolina. I am trying to figure out what happened and what I did wrong. Hard to be patient

    1. I’m praying for you Wanda. I am so sorry that it has been hard. You’ve got this! He is ordering your steps. Looking forward to catching up when you get back….until then I am cheering you on!

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