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No Need For Flippers

flippersAs I was praying the other day, my mind went back to a scene that I have thought about many times. In this scene I picture myself as one of the Israelites walking right in the middle of the Red Sea as God was parting the waters (Exodus 14:23-28). I don’t know if I would have ever placed myself in their sandals if it hadn’t been for the effort and wisdom of my animated and energetic fifth grade Sunday School teacher.

I don’t remember his name, but I’ll never forget watching him in front of his captivated audience of ten-year-olds, pretending to be an Israelite walking into the Red Sea and pleading with God to keep that water back as he slowly and cautiously took one step at a time on the now DRY Red Sea. My teacher shared his Israelite character’s thoughts as he held his right arm up in case the water walls that now made a tunnel for him to pass through crashed down in a split second. At first he was in awe and shock as he begged God to keep them back. He then nervously laughed as he reached down and picked up dry sand.

In my adult life I have often thought about this scene, not only pondering the impact a Sunday School lesson can have thirty-five years later because of a teacher who made it real, but also my thoughts are still amazed that those Israelites were real people just like you and me. God tells us in His word that He never changes (James 1:17) and that He does not show favoritism (Acts 10:34). That means that He is more than able to rescue us and provide a way of escape for us (1 Corinthians 10:13). He is still the all-powerful and Almighty One that produces jaw-dropping mind-boggling miracles in the lives of His children.

So as I was saying before, during my prayer the other day I once again imagined this scene and was thanking God for all the amazing things He is currently doing in my life. My mind immediately had a scene change . . . it was me walking on a dry path in the middle of the Red Sea with mammoth-sized walls of water on my right and left. But in this picture the Lord showed me, instead of being in Israelite clothing, I was wearing an inner tube around my waist, floaties on my arms, and even flippers on my feet. I looked ready for a day at the pool.

He was revealing to me that I had spiritually and mentally been putting thoughts and actions on “just in case” He didn’t come through.  Yep, “just in case” all that water that I was believing Him to part for me came crashing down, I would be ready to float . . . to self-preserve. Ever find yourself saying you believe He can do all He says He can do, but just in case you have a backup plan? I’m not sure who I’m typing to today, but I wanted to remind us that He can be FULLY trusted.

Whatever He is asking us to give up or surrender to Him is because His ways are higher. He really does have a better plan. Maybe it’s a relationship that we want to hold on to that we know is not God’s best . . . but at least we won’t be lonely. Or our thoughts and worries about our children that we try to construct the right motherly plan for instead of being quiet when He says to. Yep, what if God doesn’t hold up His end of the deal? We need a backup plan, don’t we?

Or do we?

His word shows us that He can truly be trusted.

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  1. I was really blessed by this beautiful word picture. My husband walked out seven years ago leaving me to raise our 4 kids alone. I never imagined this would be a part of my story. Maybe it’s just hormones but whatever it is, this week I have felt so gloomy. It was nice to be reminded how God’s plans are higher than ours!

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