The Treasure Hunt

Pirates old treasure map isolatedDo you ever wonder what God’s plan is for your life? Maybe even get frustrated with not knowing? Oh sure, we know by reading the Bible that He loves us and is for us. We know that He gave His only son to die so that we could have eternal life. We know that He wants us to love our neighbor as ourselves. All of these truths we know because He has instructed all of His children in these things. Read more

Watch Me

Boy at aqua parkAs I sat in a lawn chair trying to hold my gut in, I heard very faintly over dozens of children’s voices, “Scarlet! Scarlet!” We were spending the day at our local water park, and at first the faint call didn’t even register over the loud, splashing youngsters that filled the huge pool in front of me. I slowly looked across the way, and there standing seventy-five feet above the water was my beloved husband Brad. He had been such a supportive father to escort our then-elementary-aged daughters to the giant slide. Read more


HopscotchDo you ever remembering playing hopscotch as a kid? A rock is thrown out to the chalk-drawn square of where you are headed. The rock lands on the square, and you then proceed to hop to the square that you have claimed as your landing place. Read more

Undeserved Maracas

Growing up in my household meant three things: 1) we were surrounded by Florida humidity that could make a grocery store-bought perm cling flatly to one’s head 2) three very loud siblings and 3) the expectation that when a teacher assigned homework, it was no one else’s responsibility but your own to complete it and turn it in on time. It is because of these facts I still remember the shocking scene that played out at our breakfast table one spring morning of my second grade year. Read more