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Did You Get the Lead Role?

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-10-22-49-pmDo you feel like a minor character in the drama of life? Like when the director handed out the parts, yours was less important than the lead’s? Ever scroll down your social media news feed and see people with thousands of followers and thousands of “likes” and wonder, Why them? How about when you are flipping channels with your remote or staring at the magazines, waiting to check out in the grocery line?

Our culture idolizes fame, doesn’t it? It highlights a select few and shines the spotlight on all of their comings and goings until they are dropped for the newest obsession. It reminds me of high school when the popular clique would enter the cafeteria laughing loudly while the other students watched, noticing what they were wearing and secretly wondering what it would be like to be a part of that world. Even in our Christian communities, we often idolize those that are up front.

I want to challenge you today to not put your focus on being a spectator. God has given you very specific gifts that others need, and even though thousands might not be watching, your part is hugely impactful and important. Maybe you have had doubts like, I’d love to be bold like that, but I’m just home raising kids or Wow, they are really doing something important because everyone can see it and knows about it.

Let’s look at a few people who might seem to be minor characters in the Bible. But are they really minor? How about Zechariah? Zach-a-Who? John the Baptist’s dad. The Bible tells us in Luke 1:5-8 that Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth were upright in the sight of God and were following His ways. We hear about major characters in the Bible, but what about the ones that seem to be behind the scenes? What about the ones that changed John’s diapers, taught him the ways of the Lord, and were constant and steady, day in and day out? Their news feeds, public persona, and tabloid action would have seemed pretty boring to the common onlooker. But to the heavens, they were changing the world one obedient step at a time. They were raising the one who would introduce THE ONE. Yes, our beloved Jesus.

Don’t get lulled into complacency just because you don’t see confetti being thrown or crowds cheering your name like they do for a home run in the World Series. You, my dear friend, are a superhero in God’s eyes. You are right at your post being faithful in the little things: serving your family, working at your desk as unto the Lord, studying for your next college final. All of your behind-the-scenes work is valid, important, and “like”-worthy. To the world and even to the church, we may look like minor characters, but that is not how God sees any of us. Minor characters change the world. Keep up the good work knowing that your heavenly Father sees things with eternal value.

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