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Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

Guest Blogger: Cory Fowler

Spilt MilkGuest Blogger: Cory Fowler

How would your life change if every morning you woke up knowing that the Lord made this day specifically for you and it could be the best day of your life? That’s how I want to live! Not only is it not fun to live every day sad, walking in worry or anger, but it’s really not fun for the others around you!

I generally have been a happy waker-upper all of my life. I say generally because my mom used to wake me up in the morning and ask me right away what I wanted for breakfast. Just because I was happy in the morning did not mean I was fully awake. I guess I would tell her something while half asleep, walk to the kitchen, and be very upset with the breakfast choice my mom had set out for me.

People always questioned how I was happy in the morning without any coffee or some type of caffeine. They also questioned how I could still be happy when something had gone wrong that morning. In middle school I had to wear headgear at night—one more thing to add to my painful junior high years. Some mornings I would wake up late and rush to the bus stop, not noticing the imprint of the headgear on my face. Despite my massive frizzy hair, my brace face (literally), and my chubbiness, I was happy! This baffled my friends.

I was always confused when my friends complained every day about some huge event that had happened that morning. “I woke up late, I spilled my breakfast everywhere, and I have a test today! I know today will be horrible!” One wrong move and their whole day would go up in flames.

This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it (Psalm 118:24). I dare you not to sing while reading that. This is what motivated me. Even if I didn’t wake up saying this, I knew God was going to meet all of my needs and that He made this day for me! Why wouldn’t I rejoice and be GLAD in it (emphasis on glad)?!

You spilled your milk? Rejoice and be GLAD in it! You have a huge presentation at work? REJOICE and be GLAD in it! The Lord has made EVERY DAY and we are to rejoice! Do things get in the way sometimes? Sure! But He still has made this day, and every other day, and we are to (say it with me) REJOICE and be GLAD! Start this New Year with a happy heart, make it your mission to rejoice always and be GLAD, and watch your life change.


Cory Fowler graduated from OSU with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management. She was married in March and just accepted a position at The Persimmon Group (a management consulting firm). She loves serving at Guts, writing her blog, and being with friends and family!







Cory during her middle school years.

Want to hear more from Cory? Check out her website: forever (cory) fowler

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