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Enjoying Your Season

photoToday as I was pouring candy corn into the glass jar that sits on the kitchen island every fall, I was reminded of the words “enjoy your season.” Because we live in such a fast-paced society with access to so many items, it is easy to want to grasp at and try to acquire everything—every memory and life experience—all at once. We can look at Pinterest and want a new wardrobe, a perfectly decorated home, and a pantry so organized that it could prepare and cook our meals for us.

As mothers of young children, we long for the days when our windows won’t be smeared with sticky handprints, as single women we pine to be married, and then as empty nesters, we grieve over the lack of tiny fingerprints as we stare out of our clear, Windexed windows.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. –Ecclesiastes 3:1

I love summer because I get to walk the beach and hear the waves crashing. Fall always reminds me of the state fair, pumpkin pie, and brilliant leaves. The new buds on the spring trees and little girls with Easter baskets full of jelly beans always make me smile. And of course who doesn’t like to wear the latest winter scarf and open Christmas gifts?

My American “I can have it all” attitude wants to have everything all at once, yet pumpkin pie covered in jelly beans just doesn’t sound as good as savoring them separately. Years ago my desire for an immaculate house while raising toddlers now seems as silly as walking the beach in my winter scarf.

Today as I write in my quiet family room, all of my daughters practically grown, I don’t pine away for potty training. No, I’m really enjoying this season—the season of savoring the sound of the rain falling outside and the peace of the ticking clock.

How about you? Are you enjoying your season?

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