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Etch A Sketch

etch-a-sketchDid you ever have one of those drawing boards where you could twirl one knob and, right before your eyes, a horizontal line would appear and keep growing until you stopped turning? And if the matching knob on the other side of the picture was twisted, then a lateral line appeared? These were the days before electronic games entertained kids in the backseat on a road trip. Even though it wasn’t sophisticated, it kept us entertained until the screen was filled with lines and it was time to begin again. To start over, all that was needed was a good shake. Then a clear grey surface was available for our next doodle. It was all very easy and painless unless the “shaking” ended up with one’s sibling screaming, “MOM, she just hit me in the head with the Etch A Sketch!!” This was a sentence that was hurled toward the front seat way too often. But if all had gone as planned, the fresh start was without incident, and the creativity now had a clean canvas on which to flow.

Ever needed a fresh start? Ever felt like you had drawn something in your life that you wish could be permanently erased? Maybe a series of decisions in which the more you turned the knobs the messier they got? One of the things I so appreciate about this journey with the Lord is that He has promised us new mercies every morning (Lamentations 3:22-24). Every morning He has mercy to give, freedom from yesterday’s mistakes, and a clean slate of forgiveness. He really is the Master of new beginnings, isn’t He? Not just small mistakes from yesterday, but He is in the miracle-working business of transforming an entire life just by being asked to do so (Revelation 3:20).

He puts His loving hands around our hearts and gently moves things into place, cleans us up, and gives us His Son’s name. Are you in need of a total “shakeover”? Today is the best day to ask Him to come and be the Savior of your life (John 3:16). Maybe you are already a Christian and are just tired and weary. Listen to Him saying, “Come unto me all who are weary and I will give you rest.” Maybe today you need to offer someone else a “shakeover”.  Can we be as forgiving as our Heavenly Father when someone needs another chance? Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross allows our sins to be forgiven, our souls to be refreshed daily, and illustrates how we are to give others a new chance too. Be encouraged today, my friend. There is no line you have drawn that His blood cannot erase.

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