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Fish“Hey Siri, what is the definition of extravagant?” I was expecting more of a positive answer, but the definition she provided me was, “lacking restraint in spending money or using resources.” She followed that with “exceeding what is reasonable or appropriate.” What piqued my interest into defining extravagant? Well, when I was pondering what to write about this week, what kept coming to my heart was the extravagant nature of God.

Everywhere I look I notice how “over the top” He is in all He does. Just the human body alone is enough to bring us to the jaw-dropping realization that our Creator is not stingy or skimpy in His way of doing things. Have you heard that if you were to line up all of your blood vessels end-to-end, they would circle the world two-and-a-half times? How about the extravagance of how the human body heals itself? I’ve had a paper cut on a Monday, and before the week was over, it looked like a brand new finger.

Nature all around us screams of His abundance. I am not a camping-in-a-tent, loves-to-hike kind of girl, but I am lately finding myself watching the nature channel while I eat granola (on top of ice cream). Yep, the nature channel. It’s official . . . all of the things I thought old people did, I am enjoying. Maybe it’s because I’m a grandma now. Anyway, the variety of animals and the elaborate ways they are designed for their specific habitat is mind-boggling. How about the stars and planets? So many and so extravagant.

All throughout the Bible, we are shown how extravagant our God is. He gave Abraham descendants as many as the dust of the earth (Genesis 13:16). Abraham and his nephew Lot had to separate because the land could not support them. Literally their possessions were so great that they were unable to stay together (Genesis 13:6). God’s extravagance is shown all throughout Jesus’s ministry. The blind received sight, lepers were healed, the dead were raised, and the lame walked. Not only were five thousand fed with five loaves and two fish, but there were even a dozen basketfuls left over.

John 3:16 tells us that God gave His ONLY Son to die for us so that we could have eternal life. What an expensive, lavish gift and sacrifice He made! Yet while we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). God only had one Son, and He gave Him for us . . . now that is extravagant.

After reviewing Siri’s definition, I would have to agree that God did not restrain Himself but spent all He had on us. And He continues to lavish us with love that isn’t reasonable to our human minds. He loved us even before we knew Him, and He protects, provides, and abides in us. With a God like this, you can rest assured that He has all you will ever need and a whole lot more!

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