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God Is Not a Rubik’s Cube

toy cube on with blue backgroundOur God. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The one who set the planets into place and keeps us spinning around the sun. He created the vastness of the universe and the details of a tiny insect’s wing. He knows the number of particles of sand on the seashore and our every thought. What a mighty all-knowing God we serve, and yet in all His greatness, He came down and walked this earth, bled and died, and was resurrected for us so that we could truly know Him and walk with Him daily.

It can feel intimidating or even seem impossible to think that we could actually know His thoughts and plans, and yet His word—the Bible—tells us that we can. Of course there is no way that we could ever fathom ALL of who He is or what He thinks since He is the ultimate creator and we are the creation.

I will never understand all that He does just like when I was five years old and had no idea how our household lights went on just by the flip of a switch. I did not comprehend that my Daddy had worked hard, received a paycheck, and then made monthly payments to the electric company, but I sure did enjoy being scooped up on my Daddy’s lap as he told me he loved me in our well-lit home. It truly is amazing that our God reveals parts of Himself to His children.

As we spend time in prayer and in His word, He reveals himself to us like a Father to a child. I have learned that He does not overcomplicate His directions for me. When I am frustrated or wondering why I don’t know what step to take, if I really get still and listen to my spirit, He has already gently shown me the next step . . . I just haven’t wanted to take that step. Every felt that way? Pleading with God, “If You would just tell me what to do, then I would do it!”

Anytime that I am wrestling mentally and struggling to “figure out” what my next step should be, I feel like a frustrated elementary kid trying to manipulate and solve a Rubik’s Cube. Although He is beyond any comprehension, He does give us simple, childlike instructions. You know, the ones like “tip that waiter double what you were planning” or “don’t get the last word in with your husband” or “take the job.” In Matthew 18:2-4, Jesus tells his disciples to humble themselves like little children. A loving Father does not want to frustrate His kids. His gospel is simple. It is available to all, and it doesn’t come with hard-to-understand directions. Don’t you just love a Daddy like that?

Proverbs 3:5—Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

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