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His Set Time

“Mom! Mom! Look! I lost my tooth today!” my second grader screamed as she burst through the front door. I immediately put down my broom (who am I kidding). I immediately put down the TV remote and Oreos and ran to check out her new gum line. “Now I’m on the tooth chart!” Oh, that dreaded tooth chart that had been daily taunting my precious baby girl. For months she had watched classmate after classmate put his or her seven-year-old signature on the laminated chart her teacher had posted at the beginning of the year. So much pressure to lose a tooth. It wasn’t enough that she had already lost several teeth. No she needed to lose one THIS school year, and the sooner the better. She had been so concerned about that chart that a couple of months prior, I had walked in on my overachieving offspring ramming her toothbrush against that tooth over and over again. The tooth fairy’s promise of fortune was not her motivation. No, it was that blasted tooth chart!

Ever felt that way? I know I have. Whether it be an engagement ring that should have already been presented, a promotion at work that we just know we deserve, or a pregnancy test that should be reading positive, we can get beyond frustrated when we can’t make something happen that we want so badly.

“When, God? When?” As humans we try to help His plans along. But even if my daughter’s violent toothbrush had succeeded in knocking her tooth out, there would still be no way that she could have forced her permanent tooth to appear. Nope, that tooth had a “set time” for its arrival, and if she hadn’t waited for that time and instead knocked her own tooth out, the huge gap would have been there longer then it needed to be.

This principal of “set time” appears all throughout the Bible. Our precious Savior Jesus’ birth had been prophesied many times throughout the years prior, and yet there was a set day that Gabriel appeared to Mary announcing Jesus’s conception. Can’t you just feel the excitement in heaven when God pointed at his angel Gabriel and declared that THAT VERY DAY was the day?!

God has such an amazing plan for your life. He has all the details in the palm of His hand.

Jeremiah 29:11-14
“For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares the Lord …

I think the above verses answer the question of what we are supposed to do while we are waiting on His set time. He wants us to seek Him so that He will be found! There is nothing that can satisfy us like His presence . . . no house, job, or spouse. As we put our focus on Him, He fills us and then the blessings come at His set time.

When we try to take God’s plan into our own hands and force something to happen, the consequences can be great.

Remember when God promised Abraham a son? He even changed Abram’s name to Abraham because God was declaring that Abe would be the father of many nations. Yes, the promise had been given, but in the waiting Abram and his wife’s maidservant conceived Ishmael. Check out the whole story (Genesis 15-21).

It’s true. No matter how badly my daughter wanted to be toothless, she had to wait on her tooth’s set time. When the appointed time came, there was no putting the tooth back. Then the next waiting process started. When would that big permanent tooth appear? Remember as a kid how it seemed to take forever? At first your tongue feels the top of that white foreign object, and then slowly—day after day—that new tooth starts to fill in the gaping hole.

It seems to me that this life is full of waiting on the next thing. How about we seek Him while we wait?

His timing is perfect!

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  1. Such a due word in season! I see how I walk out some transition of my own, how I have to bring my thoughts under control and not worry about “what’s the next step” for my family, my kids college choices etc. but to just be obedient in today!! So good scarlet!

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