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Just Waiting for the Bloom

bloomHave you found yourself in a time in your life where you have waited, waited, and waited some more to realize that all you can do is continue to wait? Sometimes we feel like an overdue pregnant mother in her final weeks of pregnancy or a senior in high school crazy with senioritis. “Come on! Let’s get on with it!” we want to scream.

Maybe you are waiting on a change in a relationship or a pattern of decisions you wish your loved one would quit making. Could you be in what seems like a dead-end job but you just know down in your gut that you are not supposed to leave yet? Oh those bothersome waiting seasons. “When, God? When?” we plead. God is a God of perfect timing and has set times in His hands. Can’t you imagine how frustrated the Jewish people were when they found themselves in slavery under the Egyptians decade after decade? How about the Israelites who just wanted to arrive at the Promised Land?

There are times in our Christian walk when it seems that all we can do is wait. I’d like us to ask ourselves if we are waiting with thanksgiving in our hearts. Are we waiting patiently with peace, or are we frustrated and angry at the situation? Is our waiting causing us to miss out on all the great things that today holds?

When I think that I can force the change to occur, it is as futile as yelling at the buds in the springtime, “Bloom! Bloom, bud! Bloom!!” After the bush blooms and we ooh and ahh at the beautiful colors, within a week or so we will have our focus on the next bush we are waiting on to bloom. What a life-stealing cycle this can be. Let’s remember what the Bible says: “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24). What frustration or unmet desire in your life is keeping you from smelling the roses today?

As we are believing for these problems to be “solved,” we can’t miss out on all the gorgeous things in our lives that are in full bloom. What kind of blessings are in full bloom? Let’s start with the breath in our lungs and the pulse that beats in our veins. This life will always be in transition, but what we CAN capture, hold on to, and possess is our joy and our gratefulness of heart. Let’s get out there today and smell the roses knowing that small unopened buds will bloom in God’s time.

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