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Let’s Stand Up

man-on-stiltsJesus has purchased so much for us on the cross. I am convinced that I just need to stand up to my full height in him. Not my full height of 5’5” but living, believing, and making decisions based on what God has done for me on the cross and on who He says I am.

Years ago I watched as my fifteen-month-old crawled across our lawn. She was enjoying her adventure across the green grass and her low view of the backyard as she quickly moved—palm, knee, palm, knee. I knew that she could walk; she had taken lots of steps cross our living room floor, and yet she was more comfortable crawling in the warm sunshine. Palm, knee, palm, knee.

I noticed that the neighborhood cat was quietly standing behind our oak tree. Within seconds my baby girl was eye-to-cat eye with Fluffy. She was on all fours, and he was on all fours. She screamed out of sheer terror. My first thought: She doesn’t realize that if she would stand up, she would tower over that cat. I, of course, scooped her up in love and gently reassured her, telling her there was nothing to be afraid of.

My crawling daughter who truly knew how to walk reminded me so much of myself that day. As I go through my life knowing how much God loves me and knowing all the authority He has given me over the enemy, I still sometimes don’t walk in that truth. I will doubt and worry when all I really need to do is stand up on the inside and walk in His authority.

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