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Made to Be Loved by Him

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.52.23 PMWhat a wonderful world we live in where we have choices. Choices to think about what we want to do on this planet . . . how we should be spending time . . . what our legacy will be . . . why we were created. You may be overwhelmed today with bills to be paid, sick kids, and dinner needing to be cooked. Choices? Yeah, that would be nice. I get up and fulfill my obligations. Choices would be a luxury. 

I would like to encourage you today to take a deep breath and be reminded that you were not created just for the roles you find yourself in. No, you were created to be loved. Yep, just flat-out loved! Why would the God of the universe breathe into that first man’s lungs? Why would He bother to create a perfect paradise for this human? Give him a female companion, a fulfilling task of naming the animals? I believe, because the Bible tells us, that the reason was because God wanted to have someone to love. Why would the God of the universe need a human and want a relationship with a human? It really is unfathomable that we were created and designed for HIS pleasure, for HIS heart, for HIS compassion.

Walking in relationship with our God is not only life-giving to us, but it is fulfilling to Him. How do I know? He created man with free will. He wanted us to have freedom to decide to be His friend, not to be pre-programmed robots. That’s true love . . . allowing us to choose. And when that first human couple made the decision to disobey and break relationship with their Creator, He came up with and executed a plan that would cost Him dearly. It would cost Him His blameless, beloved, one and only Son.  A Son that would choose to lay down His life so that not only could we have our hearts filled with intimacy but also so that He could have His heart filled with intimacy with us.

Who is this God, that He would lay down His life so that we could tell Him our secrets and He could reveal His secrets to us?

Psalms 4:3—Know that the Lord has set apart the godly for Himself, the Lord will hear when I call to Him.

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