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Messy Closets, Anyone?

If you come to my house and I know ahead of time that you will be visiting, you will probably find my bedroom looking like this:


And my cute red and white pantry will be proud to show off its labels (courtesy of Pinterest):


But if you were to go back and check out my closet, this is what you would find:


This closet is my forever challenge. I’m sure there is some deep psychological reason why I can clean my house for the enjoyment of the other members of my household, but when it comes to my own personal area, I can’t seem to get on top of it. My focus is on the rest of the house, and then I throw my stuff in there and declare, “Oh well, Scarlet will understand.” I know, I know . . . those of you who always keep your ducks in a row are probably thinking, “If you would just put things away when they are out of place, one item at a time, then it would never look like that!”

Alas, my closet system or lack thereof is not the theme for this blog. The theme for this blog is that we as women need to feel safe with each other. Safe to share our shortcomings, struggles, and weaknesses. We all need one or two friends that we can show our vulnerable side to. Our messy closets, if you will. As we scroll through Instagram and Facebook, it is easy to compare ourselves to all of our smiling, every-hair-in-place, happily married friends. I am just saying that not everyone can be THAT happy and put together ALL the time in EVERY area. It just isn’t possible because God created us in human form.

A picture of my messy closet is simply a statement to symbolize that it’s okay to share our struggles with others. Let’s get real . . . What about sins that are weaknesses for us? You know, those sins that no one wants to reveal. Sins like addictions to shopping, porn, alchohol, gossip, or food. I have noticed that things seem to grow more rapidly in the dark, much like a gross, moldy science experiment. The enemy wants us to keep things hidden because he knows that once they are exposed to God’s light, then miracles and change can happen. Do we have a friend that we feel safe enough with to ask them for accountability or a listening ear? God’s word encourages us to be vulnerable with each other:

James 5:16 – Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

If we are all hiding behind what appear to be put-together lives, then the enemy can isolate us. If no one is coming forward and exposing their struggles, then all of us keep them to ourselves and feel shame when what we really need is help. We need a fellow human who can come alongside us and tell us that they understand and that we are not alone. Is a messy closet a sin? I am not saying that it is. I just wanted you to see part of the real me.

Can I or one of your close friends see the real you?

3 thoughts on “Messy Closets, Anyone?”

  1. This is good Scarlet. I would have been lost to wrong thinking about myself, and self distruction so many times over the years if it hadn’t been for the blessing of close friends to share & pray with. It felt costly to get up the courage to ‘expose my messy closet’, but I can tell you honestly that I gained more than I lost. Ecclesesiastes 4:10 ‘If one falls down, his friend can help him up’. Right back to Eve, God made us women the ‘relational’ ones – I think he knew we’d need that of each other. Blessings & love, Jackie xx

  2. This made me think of a certain little girl, some 40 odd years ago, that would sleep on top of her bedspread so she wouldn’t have to make up her bed the next morning. Remember who that was? : )

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