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Move On . . . Moses Is Dead

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 9.22.44 PMJust as I crossed the threshold of a coffee shop in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, I happened to notice the diagonal tiles that covered the floor. They were laid in such a way that the pattern boldly declared its dominance of that area. At quick glance, I saw that right next to the vivid diamond pattern was a pale, gray marble flooring that signified the main walkway for travelers in the airport. Two contrasting tiles laid side by side. They separated the coffee shop that screamed “I am not part of the regular traffic area . . . I am a place to get coffee” and the walkway where traffic scurries and quickly pulls its roller-clad luggage.

Same building and even the same ground but uniquely laid out, decorated, and established for individual purposes. Entirely different places under the same roof. This visual was a wake-up call for me. It was as if the Lord was speaking to my heart and saying, You are in a different place in your life that requires different strategies, life skills, and even enjoyments. You see, in what seemed like just a couple of steps, I have left one place in my life and entered the next. Same roof, same life, but just like the contrasting floor tiles, my life is no longer in the same place it used to be.

I no longer wipe little children’s noses, drop them off at cheer practice, or help them shop for the perfect prom dress. Not only is my job description different, even who I am has changed. I can no longer eat what I used to in my twenties. I no longer think the way I did ten years ago.

As Christians, we can miss out and be distracted if we bring the old mindsets into our new chapters of life. God has things He wants to show us that we were not ready for in the last decade. We have moved on to an entirely new place even though it can seem like it was just a couple of inches ago. We have stepped into a fresh place and our good—yet old—ways of thinking about ourselves and the world around us are no longer relevant. All the changes that are happening in our country remind us that we have entered a new chapter.

How do you see yourself? Are you still acting and living in the same authority that you did ten years ago?  We’re advancing and moving on, and the scenery is changing. We must move with the NEW thing that God is doing. He is never stagnant; He is fresh and always active in our lives. We need to enjoy all that this new place and assignment offer and must change our habits to fit this new advancement. You should ask yourself, Do I still operate in a role that is no longer apropos? Am I surrounding myself with habits that no longer work for the new place I have crossed over into?

You remember the story of Joshua who had been a faithful assistant to Moses? He had fulfilled that assignment and was being moved to another promotion the very week that Moses had died. Joshua was grieving, and God told him to move on with these words: “Moses is dead.” God wanted to use Joshua in a new and different way now that Moses was gone (Joshua 1:1-9). The baton had been passed.

How about you? Have you been acting like an average employee when God is now calling you to be a supervisor? Oh I know the old can feel so very comfortable, but mindsets of the past are not going to be able to sustain what God has for us today. He has expanded our borders. Let’s have the courage and discipline to change with what He has for us today! We are now standing in a new place.

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