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My Knees are Hitting

Reese Blog“Mimi, you got anything in the garage that we can ride on?”

“Like toys? No, not really. Well, the double stroller I used to take you on walks with. Remember we used to go around the block in it?”

“Yea! Let’s do that!” Her six-year-old eyes grew wide with excitement. How could I turn down that beautiful smile with teeth missing throughout?

“We can try, but I think you’re too big for it now.”

“It’s okay. I can wiggle my legs down in it and fit.”

I hopped up and grabbed my tennis shoes, elated that my granddaughter still wanted to stroll the neighborhood with me.

We made it about halfway around the block when I heard the announcement from the front stroller seat.

“I think I’m gonna get out. This is hurting my legs.” My only surprise was that I hadn’t heard the declaration sooner. I’m still not sure how she had finagled her first grader-length legs to squish where they had once before fit with ample space.

I must say that it is with a slight bit of sadness that the double stroller is being hauled up into the attic today where it will no longer be used by our first batch of grandchildren.

Lately I have been sensing that there are many of us who are sitting in a stroller that we have outgrown. Am I talking to anyone out there who feels this way? Sometimes the past calls to us because it promises to give us the comfort that we once felt there. But is it really comfort or just familiarity?

God is on the move, and He uses the lives of His children to make a Godly impact on this world. We can just read the headlines to see that the attacks from our enemy are not the same attacks they were ten years ago. No, we are in another space and time. And just like the view of the shoreline continues to change when we are on a moving boat, our viewpoint should not be where it was years ago.

What is He changing in your life? What has He called you to put your hand to now? Not last season but this season. It is getting exciting. God is a NOW God, and He will lovingly direct us, launch us, and guide us into the new chapter that He has planned for us. This world needs you to be in the spot that He has called you to, not distracted with the past.

Philippians 3:13—Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.

God was faithful in the past, but the past is gone. Today is the day! The day to seize, to conquer, and to bring God’s authority to those around us. Today really is the best day to be alive. May we quiet ourselves to hear what His next assignment is for us.

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