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My To-Do List

To DOThe list of goals has been written and the game plan strategized. It starts when we hit January 1st and make decisions to be better this year, to lose weight, to not yell at our kids, or to not overspend. All the self-discipline and human strength has been mustered. For several days the gas tank of human performance can be drawn upon. At first we function in perfect rhythm of setting our efforts and attaining our self-declared accomplishments. On about day four we notice that we are tired halfway through the day of self-sustaining, and by day five we are getting discouraged in our efforts by mid-morning. Day six brings us to a heap of tearful exasperation as we realize once again how weak we are in our humanness.

When God gives us an insight into His plans for our lives and the areas He wants to cultivate and mature, we often can be like a football player being handed the football, tucking it under our arm, grabbing full ownership and sprinting down the field of life. I’ve got this and I’m going to run as fast as I can. It only takes several days of doing things in our own strength before we realize unless we lean on God and His might, we will end up frustrated and worn out.

God created us with the need to be renewed every morning . . . refreshed in His presence and instructed in His word. He has always been about relationship, hasn’t He? So much so that He gave His only Son on the cross so that we could be in an intimate relationship with our Creator. God wants us daily renewing our mind in Him. To be listening to Him and following His direction and being loved on by Him throughout the entire day. Let’s allow Him to direct us moment by moment and refuel us the next morning. He wants us daily on His fatherly lap, listening to His whispers of love and direction.

When I grab and try to muscle through goals in my own strength, I find myself in a mound of worthless works and exhaustion. Unbroken fellowship with Him and riding on His strength is the only way that I can truly live. Remember that old song “in my walking in my talking in my sleeping in my waking, I must have Him in my life”? Not my will or strength, Lord, but Your will and strength filling me. Are you tired? Are you weary? You don’t have to be. Your Savior has already won the battle, so now you can accomplish and rest in His strength.

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