Cavetime USA

Cavetime USA is a national men’s and women’s leadership weekend experience held annually and hosted by Cavetime. The weekend was filled with teaching, community, and powerful worship. Traditionally an all-male event for the previous five years, this year ushered in the beginning of Cavetime USA for ladies, too. I was beyond honored to be one of three female speakers as hundreds gathered to lift up the name of Jesus. The theme was men being a wall for their daughters and women making that wall beautiful. The large group services and panel discussions were life-giving, and there were early prayer meetings and small group discussions to ignite the fire within us all.

Dr. Jeff and Lori Voth are the founders of Cavetime. Jeff’s book Cavetime has sold thousands of copies worldwide. The premise of the book is understanding who you are as a man and that showing up daily is the key.  Just like David escaped to the cave, readers are invited to go to the cave in order to find their soul, strength, and to emerge as mighty men of God.

As the Cavetime organization has expanded and unfolded, more books and studies have emerged. Dr. Voth and his wonderful wife Lori travel this nation, teaching and spreading the message of men and women taking their Godly stand in this world.

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