Macedonia Women’s Conference Trip

What an adventure it was to catch connecting flights from Tulsa to Chicago, Chicago to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Vienna, and finally land in Skopje. God was faithful and with us in all the details as we landed on time in each country and went through their individual security points. Once we arrived we were able to rest and start fresh the next day as we had the privilege of worshipping Jesus and sharing four sessions of teaching time as the women of several churches in Macedonia gathered together.
When I watch our American world news, this area can seem so different in culture, but when God’s daughters come together and lift up the name of Jesus, it is truly like being with family. Even though our homes are literally a world apart, as Christian women our lives are actually very much the same. We discussed the importance of being strong Godly women in our families, surrendering our mothering to His Lordship, and walking closely in the Lord’s presence throughout our days. God’s word went forth as He spoke prophetically, encouraging specific women with details concerning their individual lives.
I was blessed to lead our team of three as Nancy Devito (a fellow Tulsan) and I joined up with Mandy Harvey from Nashville. The three of us were honored to be traveling under the Akouo Missions leadership.
Thank you so much to those of you who prayed for us while we traveled. Your prayers really did sustain us as we walked in God’s grace and favor all along the way.


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