Oral Roberts University Female Leaders Meeting

This was a first! My daughter Lindsay and I had the opportunity to minister and publically speak together, and we know this is the first of many mother/daughter team teaching events. What were we sharing? We gave our individual viewpoints of what was happening in our lives and hearts when, in her senior year in high school, she told our family she was pregnant. The journey that our family went through that year is one that, even though painful to retell, has a wonderfully happy ending that declares God’s faithfulness.

The young ladies in the audience were the female leaders on campus (resident advisors, chaplains, and academic peer advisors). Our story was shared to help them identify the feelings and emotions of girls who are dealing with life-changing decisions. The meeting had moments of both laughter and tears as we spoke candidly of all that went on in our home that year.

This is the story that Lindsay and I are currently writing in a book that our publisher is eager to distribute. The book will be written one chapter by me and the following by Lindsay. It will not only be an intriguing story of motherhood, shattered expectations, and challenged Christian beliefs, but we also know that it will help declare that an unborn life is a VALUABLE life. I have a beautiful granddaughter whose laughter proves that daily. If you are interested in pre-ordering this book, please contact me at scarlet@scarletpepin.com and I will add you to the list of readers.


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