Pearls and Lace Women’s Event

Fireside Church

“Rest for the Soul” was the theme that the women of Fireside Church selected for their women’s event. As women arrived, they were greeted by elaborately decorated tables. Pearls and lace filled the room as did laughter and friendship. Women enjoyed several activities before dinner. From a beading table to personal massages, each woman was able to feel encouraged to refuel after a giving to their jobs and families. New relationships were formed as well as old ones nurtured.

The delicious food was accompanied by fellowship as we made great memories with each other. I loved the game that caused the tables to unite as we dug through our purses with speed and teamwork in a lively competition. The winning prize was just an added bonus to the laughs. The announcement of the door prize winners kept us on the edge of our seats once we saw how extravagant they were.

I had the opportunity to be the guest speaker and enjoyed preaching on our individuality. We were encouraged by the Word of God as we discussed being exactly who God created us to be for Him and for each other. A wonderful prayer time followed, and we were blessed that God had some specific words for individuals.

A wonderful time was had by all, and we truly received rest for our souls, both from each other and from our heavenly Father.

lace and peals 3

lace and pearls 1

lace and pearls 2

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