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No Need to Compare . . . You’re the Winner!

Blue RibbonComparison. It’s just human nature, isn’t it? We tend to look to our left and our right and decide if we are doing okay based on the guy next to us. With such a performance-based society, it is no wonder this enemy of comparison can often creep in. Did you see how big her house is? How tiny her waist is? How full his bank account is? How few his regrets are? Competing and comparing with others in our personal thoughts is such a distraction from the plan God has for our lives.

But Scarlet, you say, some friendly competition is a good thing. Come on, haven’t you seen the Olympics? And competition makes our society stronger. I agree that if there was only one hamburger place in town, its hamburgers wouldn’t stay the best-tasting hamburgers in town because they would be the only hamburgers. What I am talking about are our ideas of our personal self-worth and our own personal journey that God has given us to walk while we are here on earth. Jeremiah 139:13-14 says that we were knit together in our mother’s wombs. He formulated our genetic codes and knew what we would need for our God-given destinies.

Your height, personality, skin color, hair color, flair for decorating, and sense of pleasure when organizing all came together and made you wonderful you! Sounds like the stuff we learned in Kindergarten, right? And yet daily we find ourselves with thoughts of Why did he close that business deal and I didn’t? Why is God blessing their home and not mine? Why is their teenager calm and obedient? Why can she eat whatever she wants and not gain weight? And for those in full time ministry: Why is his church bigger than mine?

In John 21:15-22, Jesus asks Peter if Peter really loves him. Peter answers yes all three times, and Jesus tells him to feed his sheep and lambs and to take care of his sheep. Jesus then gives insight into the way that Peter will eventually die. Immediately after receiving personal instructions and insight into what Jesus wants from Peter’s life, Peter turns and sees John and asks Jesus, “Lord, what about him?” Can anyone relate? God himself has given clear direction, and we turn and wonder about the brother or sister next to us.  In the following verses, Jesus lets Peter know that it is none of his business what happens to John.

We only have so many hours on this planet. As we pray that His kingdom come and His will be done through us, may we not be distracted with comparison. There is no need for competition because you have already won your category. Like a judge announcing the winner, I can just hear Him calling your name, And the winner is . . . (fill in your name here)! How am I confident that you have won? Because you are the only one in your category. You were created in a class all by yourself.

Congratulations! You are the best YOU ever!! I am honored to be standing next to you, encouraging you to be all that you can be today.  As we keep our eyes on Him—the author and the finisher of our faith—and not on each other, we can lock arms and join forces to take the land!

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