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Rose-Colored Glasses

rose glassesHave you ever noticed how every mother thinks her baby is absolutely THE cutest baby? No, seriously. Every mother. I’ve watched for many years now and discovered that no matter what combination of genetic code is sitting in the stroller, the mother pushing that stroller could not beam any brighter when you comment on her baby. A passerby could just glance at the baby and comment, “Oh, look at that lil’ guy,” and the mother just smiles from ear to ear, knowing that the interpretation of the comment is “that is THE cutest baby I’ve ever seen.” One of my friends remembers taking her firstborn three-week-old to Walmart and walking slowly because she just knew each customer would be compelled to stop her and comment on her baby boy’s amazingly handsome features.

You parents of little ones are probably thinking as you read this, I know those other parents are so into their kids, but my child truly IS the cutest. How do I know? Because I thought the same thing. Baby acne, boogers, stinky diapers, and clogged tear ducts couldn’t take away my view of THE cutest babies ever . . . MINE. Yep, let’s face it. We see our offspring with rose-colored glasses. Why are we this biased?

For one thing, this biased love gets us up at 2 a.m. to comfort a hungry baby. This biased love forfeits wearing our winter coat because the baby puked on his outfit and needs to be wrapped up until we get home. This biased love daily lays down its life for the well-being of a self-centered, pooping and eating machine. Why? Because this baby is ours and is the CUTEST BABY EVER.

Do you realize that God sees us the same way? I know at times I try and strive to get my act together . . . to keep my house clean, serve at the church, be a great wife . . . just wanting to please the Lord, and He gently tells my heart, “Don’t you know that I see you through rose-colored glasses?”

It’s true. They really are rose-colored. The red blood of Jesus makes us blameless in our Father’s eyes. We will never measure up or be perfect, and we don’t have to because of what He has already done for us on the cross.

What a price He paid for His babies.

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