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Sowing and Reaping at the Same Time

Cornfield At SunsetI am noticing a pattern in my life. I am reaping in some crops while I am sowing in others. As a high school kid, my dream was to one day be married to a studly, Godly man and raise healthy children. I made a detailed list and sent many prayers up in that direction, yet my day-to-day life did not in any way show that God was listening.

No, I was living my crop of answered prayers and dreams that I had wished and hoped for in junior high. I was busy reaping teenage memories that I would have for a lifetime. My full crop at that time was filled with football games, ACT tests, homecoming dresses, and talent show nerves. I was living all that I had dreamed of as an eighth grader.

Have you noticed this pattern doesn’t change? We are reaping in one crop while we are sowing in another. When my children were little, I was living out the full crop of dirty diapers, car pools, and family Hamburger Helper dinners. I truly was experiencing all that I had been “dream sowing” into in my high school years. While those little noses were being wiped, Easter dresses being pressed, and belly laughter being enjoyed, I prayed and dreamed of the day when I would be able to travel and speak to people about Jesus. That field of wanting to be a ministry speaker was being sown into with prayer and desire, but if one looked, not much could be seen. What was apparent at that time was the field that I was reaping from the one dreamed about in college.

For everything there is a season (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Different levels of growth in different parts of our lives. I want to encourage us today to not put all our focus or frustration on a field that looks like only black soil when really there are seeds under there that are awaiting their set time of arrival. May we enjoy our fields that are at full maturity now and not get discouraged with the ones that are not quite ready.

May we color with our five-year-old, embrace our current position at work, treat our aging parents to lunch, and patiently clean up our toddlers’ hands . . . again.  Our today is a gift from our heavenly father, and He has all of time in His hands.  I don’t want to rush this harvest of plenty by being frustrated at what appears to be an empty field. Let’s continue to dream and believe for our next crop while we are savoring the joys of our todays. He alone blesses the sowing and the reaping.

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. — Psalms 118:24

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  1. Wow! What an excellent word. Every crop has its own season! This is a reminde to hold on to! Thanks for sharing such truth in a beautiful way!

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