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Stirring in Jesus

mixI’m not one who enjoys cooking. It’s something about having all the food ready and hot at the same time that always stumps me. Watching my adult daughter cook is like watching a conductor in the orchestra.

She lifts a lid to check the steaming green beans, twirls around and cues the buttering of the rolls, mashes the potatoes, and all the while the constant beat of the sizzling meat is setting the base tempo of the melody. Her wooden spoon turns into her conductor’s wand, and her audience applauds as we all sit down to her masterpiece of flavor. Yep, all at the perfect temperature at the same time. Amazing!

Now her mother, on the other hand, embraces her Hamburger Helper box and tries not to feel guilty for the fact that most of her 25-year-old cookbooks still crack at the spine when opened due to lack of use.

Let me tell you how fancy I felt when I discovered a cake mix that, upon adding some eggs and water, produced two different cake mixes! Really! You had to use two different mixing bowls, but oh the satisfaction of swirling that white cake batter into the chocolate cake batter. With a couple twirls of a knife and baking at 350 (or was it 425? Whatever…) I had produced an upscale swirled cake! Upon slicing, my family oohed and aahed. Yep, I was proud.

My swirling Duncan Hines masterpiece reminded me of all you moms out there raising your young kids. Not just because you are sweet and “hot,” but because of the training you are doing day in and day out. As Christian mamas, you are stirring Jesus into your children’s everyday lives. I’ve seen you teaching them Bible verses while you load the dishwasher, talking about His goodness to car seat-bound toddlers as you drive, and singing His praises while you color together.

I just wanted to encourage you to keep on keeping on. The batter of your children’s hearts is open and ready to be swirled with Him. When you release them from your nest, what masterpieces they will be!

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