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The Power of Preparation

paid meal prepThere is something about the emotion I feel when I attend a “froufrou” event. Froufrou is an adjective describing something “very heavily decorated and fancy.” I’m sure you’ve attended a women’s event or bridal shower of this sort. You know, the kind where every “t” has been crossed and every “i” dotted. From gorgeous stemware to layers of linens on the tables down to the background music and the elaborately prepared meal, no sense has been overlooked. Immense preparation and forethought goes into the planning of such an extravaganza.

God Is a God of Preparation

We can see this all throughout the scriptures. Joseph was prepared to be the King’s right-hand man. His preparation included his betrayal and even imprisonment. David was prepared in the secret place of shepherding. God loves His children too much to send them out unprepared. The amazing thing is that He wants to prepare us while we are preparing others. Parents of small children, keep in mind you are preparing the future leaders of the next generation. You are getting your sons and daughters ready for their marriages, careers, and childrearing. It can feel like too much pressure, but I want to remind us today that this prep work seems to be done in very small, incremental steps—day in and day out, staying close to our Father as He gives us the next step.

One Obedient Step at a Time

Just like following directions one street at a time on a road trip or dumping a single ingredient into the mixing bowl as we read the recipe, each step is doable. He never asks us to do more than we can handle. Of course at times it can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful, but not overwhelming.

Faith Plays a Part

One of my least favorite household duties is cooking, yet my family keeps getting hungry, so I thought I’d try a new system. I met with two of my Martha-get-it-done friends, and together we cooked huge quantities of meals ready to be unfrozen and cooked each evening. I had faith that the following three weeks my family dinners would be ready. As we were mixing spices, deboning cooked chickens, and crushing crackers for toppings, there was no doubt in my mind that my preparation would pay off. It was with great joy that the old question of “what’s for dinner tonight?” was not met with a huge sigh. Nope, because I had prepared, it was ready.

Seemingly Small Repetitive Tasks Are Important

It is important to remember that when God is directing us, what may seem meaningless is often exactly what He is using to prep us for our future. Remember the old movie The Karate Kid? The young boy was being taught how to fight one move at a time. His training came in the form of waxing the car. His teacher patiently explained the simple instructions “wax on, wax off . . . wax on, wax off.” The youth was frustrated and insulted with such a meaningless task when what he wanted was to be a champion karate expert. When the time came, all of that waxing on and waxing off was the very thing that prepared him to know how to deliver moves to his opponent that would defeat him.

Can I encourage us today to keep waxing on and waxing off? Let’s lean into and partner with God as He trains us for what He has next. One step at a time and in faith we can do this!

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