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The Push and Shove of the Instant

busy streetHurry, hurry, hurry. Ever feel like you are running through your life? It’s like sitting down to the Thanksgiving table or a detailed, extravagant meal at a restaurant. Hours and hours of work went on behind those kitchen doors, but we devour it, quickly rushing on to the next course without any thought of the precise temperature the oven was set to or the exact timing for the turkey to be basted, turned, and checked. God has been working on our behalf, setting up the right people for us to meet and ordering our steps. Yet often we want to rush through what He has given us in the gift called today.

Instant results . . . instant results . . . I want instant results. Our society’s rhythm continues to get faster and faster. I enjoy scrolling through Instagram and peeking into the lives of my friends. Visually I am transported to a six-year-old’s princess party, escaping to a vacation in Hawaii, and ending up at a wedding reception. All in 30 seconds. The days of taking camera film to the store and waiting two weeks to see what has been shot are long gone.

I love the progress and am thrilled that I don’t have to visit my daughter in New Orleans by way of wagon or wait on a horse-mounted mailman to bring me a letter in his satchel that was written weeks ago. The benefits to this pace are wonderful, but it has downfalls too. My flesh wants things fast. I want God to do something for me NOW when often He says wait.

God is all about steps, but in our hurried instant reality, we want quicker results. We want the dream house this instant instead of the fixer upper that leads us to two more homes before the dream home. No, my flesh wants it NOW. I want to walk in the gym and an hour later come out the perfect female specimen. Ha!

His timing is at a different cadence. When we look at nature, we are reminded that His rhythm is not forced but in God-ordained steps. As the spring flowers are budding, I realize that those buds appeared gradually, that my children slowly outgrew their shoes, and that unborn babies require nine months of sunrises and sunsets before they are fully developed. This peaceful, slower speed brings refreshment and life. Step after step, He leads us. Not sprint after sprint.

He is setting things up for you. He is leading you. Let’s not rush through the masterpiece of today. Let’s patiently wait for the masterpiece of tomorrow.

Psalms 46:10 — Be still, and know that I am God . . .  

Isaiah 40:31 — But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength . . .

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