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The Ripple Effect

ripple paidThe little things in life almost go unnoticed, don’t they? When I go out to the mailbox, my bare feet are reminded of the many acorns scattered throughout the lawn. It’s hard to fathom that just one of those little guys, if germinated, could produce a gigantic oak tree like the one they rest in the shadow of. There is so much potential and power to affect future generations in that little acorn. Shade, beauty, and children’s swings could be enjoyed for generations.

When planted, seemingly little things can have a huge impact. Our small influences on the people around us are seeds that, if planted, will far outlive our lives. The daily deposits that you are making are actually changing future generations. The little boy that you are training up to know God today will one day be the patriarch of a Godly family. His training will affect his great-grandchildren. All of those seemingly small acts of obedience you are choosing contain huge, impactful, powerful, life-changing seeds.

Bible stories read on a mother’s lap, dollars dropped into the Sunday offering plate, hours spent packing groceries for needy families . . . all of these actions have a ripple effect, just like a lightweight pebble penetrating water and producing many ripples. The deposits that you are making are changing future generations.

Scholars believe that Jesus’s public ministry here on earth was only about three-and-a-half years long, and yet all these years later we are talking about all the wonderful things He did. Throughout the entire world, Jesus’s miracles are known. Who He was and is spread throughout the world in a time when there was no internet or air travel. Three years of ministry . . . small towns . . . and yet Jesus’s ministry impacted all of the world because the Holy Spirit was doing the multiplication. As we step out and do what God is leading us to do, He will multiply it even when we are no longer on the planet.

My friend who is raising her children to know God is forever grateful for the Gideons that placed the Bible in a hotel nightstand. Forever grateful that her father, in desperation, picked it up one lonely night and discovered a Jesus that wanted a personal relationship. Forever grateful that when her daddy returned from that business trip, her mother started to notice a difference in her man and wanted to know how she too could live with this newfound peace. Forever grateful that an entire family was changed and continues to follow God because one unnamed man put a Bible in a hotel room.

Let us keep obeying and keep reaching out in seemingly small ways, for though they seem small to us, they contain much life-giving power.

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