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The Treasure Hunt

Pirates old treasure map isolatedDo you ever wonder what God’s plan is for your life? Maybe even get frustrated with not knowing? Oh sure, we know by reading the Bible that He loves us and is for us. We know that He gave His only son to die so that we could have eternal life. We know that He wants us to love our neighbor as ourselves. All of these truths we know because He has instructed all of His children in these things.

These facts and instructions are absolutely life-giving and guide us on a straight path to success and happiness. But have you found yourself on your Christian walk frustrated, dismayed, and baffled by where you are headed? Maybe wondering if you have chosen the right career? Or why God had you move to a new town?

As I am walking this Christian walk with you, I am reminded of the fact that God (more often than not) reveals His plans and instructions in our personal journeys one instruction at a time. Very rarely does He give us the entire “download” of all that He has planned for our lives. If you are like me, you might get the plan and run with it.

Our heavenly Father, just like a human parent, absolutely loves spending time with us and being in relationship with us. I can picture Him pulling us up on His big, fatherly lap and whispering the entire wonderful, detailed map of our lives in our ears. Don’t you know that we would squeal with delight, hop off His lap, and go and try to make it all happen, calling back over our shoulders, “I love the plan! See ya!”

He wants to stay in close relationship with us, not have us run off and try to make things happen on our own. There is nothing more fulfilling to my soul than walking hand-in-hand with my Creator one trusting step at a time as His plan unfolds. The places He will have us go and the things we will accomplish will be fabulous, but the relationship of being in Him and with Him as He accomplishes them through us is the true fulfilled life.

God doesn’t give us the whole plan because, as a loving Father, He enjoys being with us as His plans manifest in His set time. It reminds me of when my daughters were little. Often at Christmas, instead of just handing them a gift, I would make a fun hunt out of it. They would be given an envelope and would read a clue. I usually tried to make it rhyme . . . something like, “Go to the place where you sleep, and under your pillow you’ll find a treat.”

They would run to their unmade beds (give me a break, it was Christmas morning . . . no one had made their beds), and they would find an envelope containing the next clue. “Head out to the place where we park the car. Follow these clues like the wise men followed the star.” We would all run out barefoot in our pajamas to the garage, and they would grab the next clue from under the windshield wiper. As parents we would giggle and smile, knowing all along where the special treasure was hidden and how much they would like it.

As God reveals His detailed plan in your life, you can trust Him and enjoy the journey as He reveals the next step that you are to take. He wants a constant relationship with you. Don’t worry or fret over the “plan,” but enjoy your time with The Planner as He walks with you through the unfolding adventure.

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