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Wait, Wait, Wait

4673-clocks-81As our old-time locomotive started to slow down, our entire group of Silver Dollar City theme park visitors started to fidget and gather bags to exit the train, ready for more family fun and holiday memories. Our bag collecting was cut short by our conductor’s—yes, I said conductor’s—deep, slow, Southern accent.

Now take a moment and picture him with me, please. He was overweight by about 150 pounds and was dressed in striped overalls, a white shirt, and a conductor’s hat.

With his Southern twang he announced, “Now folks, this train is about to come to a complete stop, and everything in your body is going to want to leave this train. BUT there is a train ahead of us that has to unload first, so everyone will just have to wait a minute.” Sure enough, as we came to a halt, I watched 100 impatient, Americanized passengers wiggle restlessly in their train seats.

Our large conductor began to sing to us over the speaker to the tune of “Jingle Bells.”

“Wait, wait, wait. . .wait, wait, wait. . .wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.”

Many of us tapped our toes, and some of us even sang along to that festive, countrified, one-word song.

There are so many times in our Christian walk where we are being asked to wait. Is your conductor singing to you today? Wait, wait, wait. Only He knows why, and maybe in the future we’ll know why too. Let’s enjoy the wait.

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