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Wanna Celebrate?

rocksHow to lose those last ten pounds . . . how to decorate the final details in your family room . . . how to perfect your parenting in three easy steps. The lists of how-tos beg to be read in magazines while we get our hair cut, beckon to us on our friends’ Pinterest boards, and scream at us in the checkout line at Walmart. They tell us we need to declutter our drawers, make better homemade meals, and potty train our toddlers in just a few hours. So many how-tos and so many self-improvements.

I am all for bettering ourselves and setting and attaining new goals, but today I would like to stop and celebrate what a great job we are doing and how far we have come from last year. Can I encourage you today to just take a few minutes and celebrate the person you are? The great parent, wife, and friend that you have become with the Lord’s help. In the Old Testament in the Bible, God’s people would set up monuments and altars at specific places where God had shown up and done something wonderful. Places where He had displayed His faithfulness. Can I dare say your life is an amazing monument to His faithfulness?

Years ago I wanted to set up a monument in our home.

When my kids were little, we had a basket of smooth river rocks (not from an amazing trip to Colorado, but an amazing trip down the craft aisle in Hobby Lobby). When something happened in our lives that we wanted to remember God’s goodness to us, a Sharpie marker declared boldly on the rock phrases like: He helped me on my spelling test, I can now do a back handspring, my friend is not mad at me anymore. (You can tell by the phrases the ages the kids were . . . my husband still doesn’t have his back handspring down).

In our quest to be our best and to accomplish, I wonder what you might write on your own personal rocks today? More sales than last year, happy home, I don’t lose my temper as often.  

Yes, those rocks were there to remind us of what a great job He was doing in our home. He is doing an amazing job in your life. Wanna celebrate how far you have come? He is so proud of you!

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