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Wash Half the Baby

babyEver felt like God was leading you into something that was just way too big for you to do? Like start a blog, raise a child, or forgive a family member who for years has done you wrong? “But God, there is no way . . . you don’t understand how hard this is. Stuff is easy for you because you’re God, but I’m just little ol’ me. Seriously, this is way above my qualifications, skills, and strengths, Lord.”

It sounds like God though, doesn’t it? Asking people to do stuff that there is no way they can possibly do unless He shows up. One man building that huge ark? It was impossible for Noah to construct it without God’s amazing, detailed instructions (Genesis 6:9-22). God was so gracious to Noah to give him the exact dimensions of the ark he was to build that would ultimately save his entire family. And yet Noah was the one who had to pick up his tools and start building. Day after day, one step at a time, while people mocked him. I wonder what his thoughts were each night as he went to bed realizing he was only a little bit further than the day before.

You may be thinking, “Must be nice . . . detailed instructions . . . I only know my first step.” Sometimes that is all He gives us and we have no idea what we are doing, but we just have to start.

I felt this way years ago, leaving the hospital with our precious firstborn wrapped in pink and smelling like Johnson’s baby lotion from head to delicious newborn toe. Those nurses had bathed her and delicately combed her thin hair so that she was ready to meet the outside world. I was in love and knew for the first time ever that I had met another human being for whom I would gladly lay down my life.

By the time my baby was ready for her next bath, I quickly realized that those nurses were nowhere to be found, and I was home alone. Just me, a sponge mat, and a very large newborn. Very large? Newborns are tiny. Well this newborn was 10 pounds and 2 ounces and had the head the size of a pumpkin. I started washing her and realized that I had no idea how to flip her over and get the other side clean. Hmmm . . . I was a mother now and had to push through and do what was best for my child. So I did what most loving mothers would do. I went with the fact that tomorrow was another day, and I would wash the back half of my baby then. Yep, sometimes you just gotta wash half the baby. That baby has grown up, finished college, and is now an ICU nurse. Rumor has it, she shows up to work fully bathed. It all worked out!

So let’s get out there today and take the first step. One step at a time . . . we can do this!

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