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Watch Me

Boy at aqua parkAs I sat in a lawn chair trying to hold my gut in, I heard very faintly over dozens of children’s voices, “Scarlet! Scarlet!” We were spending the day at our local water park, and at first the faint call didn’t even register over the loud, splashing youngsters that filled the huge pool in front of me. I slowly looked across the way, and there standing seventy-five feet above the water was my beloved husband Brad. He had been such a supportive father to escort our then-elementary-aged daughters to the giant slide.

I was startled as I saw him fervently waving his six-foot arm span like a shipwrecked survivor upon hearing an approaching airplane. He was holding up the line, and the waiting wet kids behind him looked frustrated with their arms crossed in front of their shivering, wet bodies. My maternal heart skipped a beat and a lump filled my throat in a split second as I tried to guess what could elicit such an urgency from my usually calm, cool, and collected accountant-type husband.

When he realized he had finally caught my attention, he screamed a demand that would only be expected from a proud eight-year-old boy. Yes, across that public arena, my man yelled, “Watch me!!” The daring dive that he executed next didn’t even register because I was so stunned at his demand.

Through the years I’ve observed little boys asking their audiences to pay attention to their upcoming feats. “Mommy do you think I can jump over that?” “Watch how fast I can run!” And one of my favorites is when a 6-year-old little guy wanted to invite my then-6-year-old daughter over after school.  His mom inquired, “What will you two do when she gets here?” He proudly responded with his plan for the afternoon. “Oh, she’s gonna watch me ride my bike.”

The Bible tells us that man was made in God’s image, and the more I read the Word and walk with God, I continue to see this attribute in our heavenly Father. He declares what He is about to do and then says, “Watch Me!” Often before God performs His unbelievable miracles in His kids’ lives, He’ll ask them, “Do you believe that I can do this?”

Remember the story of Abraham . . . God tells Abe that a baby will be arriving even though there is no way in the natural that old Abraham and Sarah could have children (Genesis 15:1-6). How about when God gave a promise to Joshua that the walls of Jericho would fall down just by Joshua’s obedience to march around them (Joshua 6:2-26)? Or when Jesus asked two blind men, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” With their yes and faith that He could heal them, He did, and they left with their full sight (Matthew 9:27-30).

Can’t you just hear Him whispering to your heart? What is it that you are trusting Him for today? A new job? Your child’s health? Finances? No more loneliness?  He loves us so very much, and we can fully trust Him as He declares, “WATCH ME!!”

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