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What’s in Your Hand?

fishI love the story of that little boy and his two fish and five loaves of bread. You remember in John 6 where Jesus and his disciples were followed up a mountainside by 5,000? The crowd was drawn to Jesus because of the miracles that He had been performing, and Jesus asked his disciples how they were going to feed this hungry audience. Verse 6 tells us that He already had in mind what He was going to do.

Don’t you just love that? At times we scurry around and fret, wondering what plan we are going to come up with to solve looming problems when He already has the plan! And yet He didn’t just—poof!—create the bread and fish to feed everyone but instead modeled a way that He wants to do things in our lives. The only food that the disciples could find belonged to a boy who had two fish and five loaves of bread. Seriously? They had the idea to present this as an option for that massive crowd? And yet that is precisely what Jesus used. Something small and inadequate. Something from a young, unqualified member in the crowd.

Ever feel that way? You are facing a huge problem, a giant deficit in your life, a situation that there is no way can be humanly solved. We look down at what we have to offer and all that are staring back at us are some fish eyes and dry bread. But isn’t that exactly what God is asking us to offer up to Him? Our seemingly tiny contribution to an overwhelming problem . . . our small gift to change such a huge world.

The story in John 6 ends with all those people not only being fed, but the scripture tells us that there were twelve baskets of leftovers. I ask us to consider the food in this story. What happened from the time the boy relinquished it to the point that it became enough to have basketfuls left over? What was the step or location in between? That miraculous location was found in Jesus’s hands. Jesus’s hands change everything!

What are you holding that He can use? No matter how small, what is it that we can surrender to Him? Let’s turn what is in our hands over to His hands and watch what He can miraculously do to help others and even have an abundance of leftovers for the next generation. As we watch the news, it is a lie to think there is nothing we can possibly do to help some of the enormous destructive problems we see. I say there is something we can do.

What is in our hands? Is it offering to bring your neighbor’s child to church with you next Sunday? Is it an editing skill or organizing talent that we could offer a ministry that we believe in? Is it dropping off Christmas gifts to those in need? Or bringing a foster child into our home to surround them with love and the joy of a family?

What is your fish today? What small loaf of bread can you surrender to Him? He already has a plan for it.  Let’s get ready to be shocked at what this man from Galilee can do with our seemingly small offering.

One thought on “What’s in Your Hand?”

  1. This is such a good word! It is so easy to look only at what we see, forgetting that Jesus is the multiplier. “Jesus’ hands changes everything.” From the smallest concern to the seemingly impossible, I’m holding to that word today. Thank you for your consistency is giving out good words!

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