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Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 7.19.27 AMCan you imagine buying a house that was constructed without windows? Not one of us would take out a mortgage on that. It wouldn’t pass for a house at all but possibly a very large closet. Living without windows would be isolating, dark, and eventually depressing. The line is short for those who would want to be cave dwellers. Most of us, within hours of waking up, want to pull back the curtains and let some sunshine into our morning routines.

As humans we seem to be drawn to the light. We are drawn to nature and what God has created, not to what man has created. Don’t get me wrong, the way God fashioned the human brain with creativity and logic has given birth to many modern conveniences that I hope to never have to live without. Hair dye alone keeps me grateful to not be living off the land. There is something in our human DNA that doesn’t want to live in the shadows and needs to have light.

The same is true in our hearts. We yearn for the light but are sometimes wrestling with sin and are lulled into thinking that the dark shadows are more comfortable.

Open up. Let the light in.

Pull back the shades . . . shades of your heart. “But if you only knew the hidden sin that I am dealing with, the dark thoughts of jealousy, hours of pornography, evil thought patterns of revenge . . . if that light comes streaming through—the piercing light into the darkness—it will be too bright.” We tell ourselves that a slight flashlight beam here and there is OK but not full exposure. A slight glow of a candle as we pray a quick prayer for forgiveness. But what would happen if we pulled the shades open quick and fast, exposing what is going on in the darkness? What if we risk exposing ourselves to our Creator who knows it all already? “It will be too bright! The blinding truth coming in and exposing will hurt worse than the guilt I feel off and on.” That convicting feeling or the I know I shouldn’t be doing this but I’ll stop next time is God speaking to our hearts, wooing us to Him. He’s reminding us that His way is better. His way is freedom.

As difficult as it may be, let’s grab the cord and pull those blinds up, allowing His light and His strength to expose and clean up the hidden shadows in our lives. How do we pull up the shades? It starts with getting honest before our God and saying, “I can’t help myself. Please help me.” It is going to take telling a trustworthy friend or setting up coffee dates so that we are not alone and tempted and instead are surrounding ourselves with others. All the people in our lives have also struggled and have had to say no to sin because they too are human. We are not alone in this. Jesus Himself walked this world in human form and experienced temptation but never sinned. He is here to help us and to give us a way of escape (1 Corinthians 10:13). Come on, grab the cord and let His light in. He can be trusted.

John 8:11b—“Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

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