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Would You Be My Lie Detector?

A man passes a lie detector testHave you ever had racing thoughts? Frustrating thoughts? Thoughts of dread, regret, or fear? We all have. You’re fat, lazy, and a terrible mother. You will never be the business partner who can produce. You’d better check and double check that your child is safe. It’s a constant battering of accusations like the ocean waves crashing over and over again, trying to erode our life’s shoreline. What is our country coming to? Will my children be happy? Why can I never get my act together? How are all these bills going to get paid?

These are some of the nagging thoughts that the enemy of our soul offers up to us. Sometimes we can think that they are fact and are coming from a place of solid logic. The taunting worries bother us and, if nurtured, can expand in size like a school biology experiment. I remember growing mold in petri dishes and the mold growing exponentially when it was in the dark. The same is true with our spiritual battle that wages war in our thoughts. When we mull things over and over and isolate ourselves, the fear and angst take on a life of their own.

That’s where the importance of a friend comes in. God has given us each other to help detect lies. When a trusted, godly friend is allowed audience to your thoughts, it is startling to hear her say, “Well that’s not true! That’s not who you are or who God says you are.” It reminds me of getting my back adjusted by the chiropractor. Something has been out of line, and a wise confidant can help to verbally set things back in place so that I can again stand up in my full stature and not continue to walk with a limp.

But Scarlet, that is going to take courage! If anyone knew what I was really thinking, they would never look at me the same again. If my wife knew my underbelly, she would forever hold this insecure thought over my head. Our enemy will use any tactic to keep us from confessing and sharing what lies he has been telling us. He knows that two are better than one (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10). Our godly friends point us to our Father. They remind us of what His word says. They challenge us to not allow the enemy even a small crack in the door when he comes knocking. They point us back to remembering that God has already given us guidance in many areas, and they encourage us to keep on keepin’ on. Like a rock being overturned, they can help expose any bugs of thought that may be living there. When they are exposed to the light and the truth through a spouse or friend, those roly poly bugs, salamanders, and spiders scatter.

So how about you? What thoughts have been trying to take up residence in your life? Together we can help each other know what the truth is and to know the One who is THE TRUTH (John 14:6).

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