Joy Will Come

Have you ever made a choice so big that you felt overwhelmed by the weight of it? Have the consequences of your decision made you feel like God could not reach you or hear your cry? Did your actions hurt the ones you love?

Joy Will Come is a story of a gifted teenage girl with the seemingly perfect Christian life and family who was suddenly wrecked by the hidden secret of her high school pregnancy.

Lindsay and her family’s story is one of God’s unconditional love and His redemptive plan. It’s a story of God’s love, so pure and so powerful that it can reach all the way through our hurt to touch us and bring us back into His arms.

No matter where you are in life, no matter what mistake, habit, or choice has derailed you from your destiny; He longs to restore your joy and peace. Let this story speak to you or the ones you love and be YOUR first step on YOUR path to YOUR restoration.

YOUR Joy Will Come.