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Letting Go While Holding on Tight

They place that newborn in your arms, and an unconditional love for your child overwhelms your entire being. How could you love someone to the depths and intensity that you would lay down your entire life for this little one even though you just met? Maybe you felt this gush of uncontrollable, messy love when the judge signed the documents
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Get Me to the Hay

Parking space hunting, gift list rechecking, present wrapping, cookie baking, and school program attending have filled the days of this month. Christmas lights have been strung, stockings have been hung, and the cookies have been iced. Company events have commenced with white elephant gifts purchased, wrapped, and exchanged. Donations dropped off, cookies eaten, church services attended, and more cookies eaten.
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The Answer is Yes!

I still remember feeling jealous of the fuzzy tiger that my brother proudly displayed on his dresser. Once a year on our family trip to New Smyrna Beach, we went to an arcade where we earned the pale red paper tickets that possessed the power to purchase treasures hanging from a pegboard in the back. A huge glass case seemed
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Dad…The King of the Thermostat

Guest Blogger: Gabrielle Pepin “Scarlet, are you really that cold?” I would hear my Minnesota-born-and-raised father dressed in a shirt and shorts ask his Floridian bride. Growing up, there would be several occasions where I would find my mother curled up on the couch by the fire, wearing two layers of fuzzy socks, thick sweat pants that would drag as
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I’d Like For You To Meet My Little Orange Tree

This past summer my hubby planted a new tree in our backyard. As the days passed by, it dutifully minded its own business and blended in with the other greens so well that I didn’t even notice it much. But this month it made its debut. Seemingly overnight I had a gorgeous, bright orange beauty screaming at my peripheral vision:

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