But God, I Don’t Have What It Takes

Is God asking you to do something or calling you to step into a position that you and those around you know that you can’t do? At first we are surprised and taken off guard. “He’s picking me?” we question. Like a kid at recess being chosen for the kickball team, upon hearing your name you glance to the left and to the right. You know the odds are against you even making contact with the ball much less running to first.

Well believe it or not, He is calling out your name. Picking you. He has a plan for you and a specific position on the team for you to fill. Our excitement to be chosen continues for a short while until the doubts start flooding in.

“How can I do this? God, what you are asking is way beyond my skill set.”

“You want me to do what?”

“Remember God, I’m the disorganized one or the bossy one or the control freak.”

Whatever your excuse is, it is probably true. But He knew your weaknesses before He selected you for the challenge. He is not surprised by our human shortcomings.

In the third and fourth chapters of the book of Exodus, we read that Moses is going about his daily activities, tending the flock of Jethro. Moses notices a burning bush, and as he approaches, God begins to speak to him. God gives him the assignment to go and tell Pharaoh to release God’s people from their bonds of slavery. God speaks, and the task ahead has been laid out.

The Almighty God chooses him, but what is Moses’s response? “Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt?” The all-knowing One patiently converses and explains the plan while Moses reminds his Creator that he is slow of speech and tongue . . . as if God was not aware of who He had chosen. God reassures Moses that He will go with him.

So how about you? Just like Moses, you were going about your everyday activities and God pointed to you and got your attention. It probably wasn’t a burning bush, but His still calm voice spoke to your heart. He has given you the direction to take but you are busy reminding Him—the God of the universe—that you stutter. Don’t stutter? Maybe you are like David and are the youngest and seemingly the least significant around your house. Could your excuse be our lack of education, money, experience?

I know that my list of inadequacies is long and even changes based on my mood that day. So it seems to me that He is calling us with all our human weaknesses and flaws because He is going with us. He is taking the next step with us, filling our mouths with what He is asking us to say, giving us HIS strength to do what He wants done through us. No more excuses. Let’s do this!