He-He-He, not Me-Me-Me

Offer me a personality test online, and I am the first to jump on it. Delving into why I do what I do is fascinating. Selfies? Sign me up. Me-me-me-me-me isn’t just a vocal exercise for the opera singer. No, it can easily become my theme song.

How about you? Find yourself throughout the day thinking about what is going to make you happy, what conditioner will make your hair fluffier, or what career path will give you the most fulfillment? As Christians we attend church and hear encouraging sermons and often Christian podcasts fill the soundwaves in our cars. I find myself reading Christian self-improvement books, and I appreciate a great discussion in my Bible study on how we can make changes in our lives. Just like you, I want to know Christ more, to walk with Him daily, and to not allow anything to stand in the way of fulfilling my God-designed destiny on this planet.

What an absolute privilege it is to live in a free country where I can worship with other believers. The fact that I live in a time in history where I can be mentored by international speakers just by pressing play on my iPhone is an absolute gift in my life. But I am realizing with all my desire to be educated on the things of my Lord, I can find myself focusing inwardly. Is it possible to make my Christian walk focused on me?

We cannot do anything in our own strength. These goals and longings to be more like Him are a good thing, but the focus needs to be on HIM and what HE can do because He is the ultimate provider whose strength is sufficient for His children. When we focus on Him, that is when we can walk out what He has for us. As we turn our thoughts on our astonishing, amazing God, it becomes clear that HE is the one who deserves all the attention.

HE is the one who is the Holy creator of the universe, the one who holds our very existence in His hands. HE is the one worthy to have our total attention and focus. As we turn our eyes to our first love, He is faithful to complete the good work He has started in us. He is consistent to provide all we need. All the direction we need. All the peace we need. All the fulfillment we need. Let’s decide today to turn our attention to the One to whom all honor is due.