Simple Steps

Concept conceptual 3D male businessman on stair or steps over suPicture Jesus preaching to a crowd. Luke 9:12-17 tells us that a multitude of people had followed Jesus out to a remote place where He taught them about the kingdom of God and healed those who needed healing. Late in the afternoon, His disciples urged Him to send the people away so that they could get something to eat. Jesus responds to them, “You give them something to eat.” Read more

Does it Smell in Here?

Disgusted woman closing her nose and smelling something bad isol“Oh my word! What happened in here?” I yelled as I opened the front door to our house. The entire place smelled like a porta potty at a county fair. My mind focused as I went into “sniff-it-out, blood hound-on-the-hunt” mode. Something rotting in the garbage disposal? Maybe a trash can that had been harboring a dead rodent I wasn’t aware of?  Read more

“Pops! Remember!”

Pepin Family“Did you get to see the girlies?” I asked my husband as he entered the kitchen. He had just been at the park with his huge extended family. His nine siblings, their spouses, children, and grandchildren were in town for a weekend wedding. “Yep, I saw them. And I have a message for you.” I hung on every word as he described the scene of our four-year-old granddaughter singling him out amongst the large family crowd. I could picture her big brown eyes as he imitated her in his best pre-K voice: “Pops, you gotta tell Mimi to come pick me up from school this week, okay? I go back to school tomorrow, and I need her to come get me and take me to her house to play, kay? She said I could come.” Read more

The King’s Ear

In years gone by, during the days when kings reigned and had absolute power, those around them would physically bow while behind the scenes they were socially bending and contorting to try to obtain the closest position to the king. All that power, all that strength and sovereignty sitting on the throne. Having the ear of the king was usually based on which family a person was born into or knowing people of status. Many years of strategic conniving and positioning often occurred just to have the chance of the king listening to one’s desires or thoughts. Read more

What Brand Do You Wear?

Guest Blogger: Lindsay Pepin Ophus

Hilti VanI love branding. As an advertising degree holder, I like to see how companies get their names out there. Whether it is the 13-year-old who begged her mom to wear a shirt with “Nike” written on it or the viral videos created by GoPro, we see these brands and we either buy into them or we don’t.
 Read more

How Do I Know What God Wants Me To Do?

Couple reading map while leaning on car hood during road tripI would do what God wants me to do if He would just tell me! Ever had that frustrating thought? If only it could be as easy as asking Siri. Hey Siri (fill in God’s name), should I take this new job? Hey Siri (fill in God’s name), should I marry this guy? Move to Iowa? Put my kid in this school or that one? I have often, in frustration, wanted a quick answer and wished I could google it or shoot a quick text to heaven. Read more

Etch A Sketch

etch-a-sketchDid you ever have one of those drawing boards where you could twirl one knob and, right before your eyes, a horizontal line would appear and keep growing until you stopped turning? And if the matching knob on the other side of the picture was twisted, then a lateral line appeared? These were the days before electronic games entertained kids in the backseat on a road trip. Even though it wasn’t sophisticated, it kept us entertained until the screen was filled with lines and it was time to begin again.  Read more

Would You Be My Lie Detector?

A man passes a lie detector testHave you ever had racing thoughts? Frustrating thoughts? Thoughts of dread, regret, or fear? We all have. You’re fat, lazy, and a terrible mother. You will never be the business partner who can produce. You’d better check and double check that your child is safe. It’s a constant battering of accusations like the ocean waves crashing over and over again, trying to erode our life’s shoreline. What is our country coming to? Will my children be happy? Why can I never get my act together? How are all these bills going to get paid? Read more

Wanna Sneak Away?

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 11.31.22 PMAre you wondering what your next step should be? Maybe you know the next step but you don’t know how to take it. When I am puzzled over which decision to make or which direction to go, I often want to run to my phone and talk with my closest friend. I want to tell her everything on my mind and listen as she sorts it out for me and gives me the Godly wisdom that is overflowing in her life. Or I want to wait for that special moment when my husband tenderly asks, “So how’s your heart?” I look forward to dumping all of my angst and confusion on his eardrums, knowing that just like a superhero, my “Captain Logic” will have a concise plan to straighten out and execute a successful path that will settle my mind and emotions. Read more

Woo-Hoo for Freedom!

garden sprinkler on the green lawn“I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” Don’t you just love these words that Jesus spoke in John 10:10? More abundantly . . . do our lives feel “more abundantly” today? All that sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross. He was beaten, whipped, spit upon, and crucified. I often wonder how excruciating the pain must have been. The deep pain of nails being pounded into his innocent hands and feet. All for what? Oh I know that if we grew up in church or have been around the Christian faith for very long, we know it was for the forgiveness of our sins, but how does that really translate into our daily lives? Am I grabbing and owning and living that abundant life that He purchased for me? Read more